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In the heart of Arizona, where the desert sun blazes and the winds whisper tales of justice, two emerging legal minds, Austin Kurtz and Brian Riley, converged. Their paths, driven by a shared commitment to fairness, led them to join forces and found Kurtz Riley Law Group.

Austin Kurtz, known for his fiery determination, has earned respect as a trial lawyer unafraid of challenging cases. Brian Riley, with his strategic brilliance and empathetic approach, has made a mark unraveling legal complexities.

Their journey to establishing Kurtz Riley Law Group was marked by their experience in leadership roles at prominent Arizona firms. But they yearned for a practice focused solely on delivering real justice to those truly in need, dispensed in their way.

Thus, Kurtz Riley Law Group emerged—a beacon for swift justice in a world where time often dictates outcomes. The duo’s passion and guidance led to the firm becoming known for its commitment to standing with clients, fighting relentlessly for their rights.

At Kurtz Riley Law Group, we are real trial lawyers—dedicated to our clients' causes and unyielding in our pursuit of justice. Our theme at KRLG is to let lightning strike and justice roll. With us, you'll never face the storm alone.

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Austin Kurtz


Austin Kurtz, one of the Founding Partners of KRLG Injury Lawyers, is a born and raised Valley local. This Arizonan attended law school in California and began his legal career in Colorado before returning to the desert. Austin is licensed to practice law in Arizona, California and Colorado.

If you’ve been a victim of a personal injury in Arizona, California, or Colorado, including a car accident caused by someone else's negligence, our injury attorneys are here to provide you with the legal support and guidance you need to seek rightful compensation.

Brian riley


Brian Riley, founding partner of KRLG Injury Lawyers, is licensed to practice law in Arizona and Washington. Brian and his team understand that you have been wronged by someone else’s negligence and he is ready to seek the compensation you deserve.

Brian, a former collegiate tight end, knows what it takes to gameplan success. He attaches that same dedication he once did on the field to the regular and consistent pursuit of justice. No case is too tough for Brian to take on. He will be the fighter you need in battle and the ear you need in empathy. Brian does not wait for justice; he takes it. He makes his focus your fair compensation and will fight with every ounce of his being to ensure that happens for you. If you have been injured in Arizona or Washington and are in need of an experienced litigator, please contact Brian today.

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“Austin has helped me out tremendously with several legal issues over the years. He’s sharp as a tack, respectful and professional. I couldn’t recommend his services enough. NOBODY better in town than AK.”