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KRLG Injury Lawyers is fully equipped to handle cases from beginning to end, and our dedicated team is committed to providing exceptional care to you and your clients throughout the legal process. Your trust in our firm is valued, and we look forward to working together to deliver the best possible outcome for your clients.

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Referring a case to KRLG Injury Lawyers is a straightforward and simple process. Whether you’re another lawyers, a small business, or an individual, we would love to be your partner for referrals.

In 2020, Arizona eliminated its ban on splitting fees with non-lawyers. Arizona is the only state in the country where a non-lawyer can be paid a referral fee on a legal case. We believe in the heart of the removal of that rule and we want to split our fees with those who send us cases.

Complete the Quick Online Form

To initiate the referral process, have the injured party fill out our online form. Provide essential details about the case and their contact information. Have them include you as the referrer.

Contact Us Directly

Alternatively, you can simply have the injured party call us and reach out directly. We will promptly connect them with our team to evaluate the case and determine if it's a suitable fit for both our firm and the client.

collaboration and Referral Agreement

Upon deciding to proceed with the referred case, we will formalize the partnership by establishing a referral arrangement directly within the fee agreement. This agreement outlines the terms and responsibilities for all parties involved (non-lawyers will not be involved in the case handling in any way). KRLG Injury Lawyers will then assume full control of the case, managing it from start to finish. You will receive regular updates as to the status of the case but no case details.

Comprehensive Case Management

At KRLG Injury lawyers, we prefer to handle referral cases from inception. This approach allows us to assemble the necessary experts and make sure everything is handled appropriately, before filing suit. By positioning the case correctly, we maximize its value during litigation. However, we are also open to accepting cases where the referring attorney has already managed the pre-litigation phase.

Tailored Solutions

If you have initiated a case but wish to refer the client to us for specific portions, such as depositions or trials, we will collaborate with you on a case-by-case basis. Our goal is to ensure an optimal fit for all parties involved.

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